Vertikale Schlauchbeutelmaschinen MH1, MH2

Vertical packaging machines MH1, MH2

  • Vertical hose packaging machines are designed for production of bags and their filling with goods.
  • The machine is suitable for packing of all loose materials or liquids.

Basic Type of Bags

pillow bagbag with breaking
gusset bagbag with sealed
gusset bag with 3
holes for handling
brick bag
General overview of bag types >>

Technical parameters

Machine typeMH1bbMH1cbMH1dbMH2bbMH2ebMH3
Dose volumeto 2500 mlto 5000 mlto 15 lto 2500 mlto 70 lto 2500 ml
Output*to 75 bags/minto 70 bags/minto 50 bags/minto 130 bags/ 40 bags/ 35 bags/min.
Bag length80 - 320 mm80 - 400 mm100 - 460 mm50 - 310 mm200 - 1025 mm80 - 310 mm
Bag width65 - 206 mm65 - 325 mm65 - 350 mm45 - 210 mm270 - 500 mm65 - 206 mm
Power supply3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz
Power2,4 kW4 kW4 kW3,2 kW1,5 kW
Air pressure0,6 - 0,8 MPa0,6 - 0,8 MPa0,6 - 0,8 MPa0,6 - 0,8 MPa0,6 - 0,8 MPa0,6 - 0,8 MPa
Air consumption per 1 bag at 0,6 MPa3,6 l10 l13 l0,2 l13 l7,2 l
Machine weight500 kg800 kg850 kg550 kg950 kg450 kg
Machine dimensionsH1470 x W1065 x L1415H1700 x W1320 x L1520H1720 x W1620 x L1610H1460 x W1180 x L11610H2200 x W1920 x L1960H1430 x W1070 x L1490
* The output is dependent on the dose size, kind of goods and output of used filler.  

Machine description

Machine typeMH1bbMH1cbMH1dbMH2bbMH2ebMH3
control system B&R
display of minute capacity
automatic state diagnostics
bags counter
setting of functions is provided by control panel
pneumatics Rexroth, Festo
shift foil at the hand of tension belts
machine is equipped with a mechanical-pneumatic drives
electronics resistant to short circuit, reversing of polarity and overloading
electric cover IP 44
the areas, which are in contact with product are made from stainless steel
all parts of the machine are protected by health-harmless surface treatment

Machine advantages

Machine typeMH1bbMH1cbMH1dbMH2bbMH2ebMH3
automatic check of essential parameters and error reports
automatic check of essential parameters
easy setting of functions on control panel
setting of bag length in mm or according to film print
film pull overdue for dusty articles
200 presets for saving of parameters for various film types and packaging methods
abortion of machine after accomplishment of engaged number of bags
roll of bags quantity till abortion of operation
roll of total cycles quantity
input unit for adjusted air
safe quick change of tube and collar by the means of fast cramping
simplicity of design of the drive
control of fillers (except weighers) from machine control panel
integrated control of discharge conveyor
possibility of connection to PC, printer, ethernet
exact automatic guiding of film over forming tube
automatic film tension
adjustment of pressure of pulling belts - pneumatically
program service via modem
operating language according to your choice (standard 4 languages - Czech, German, English, Russian


Machine typeMH1bbMH1cbMH1dbMH2bbMH2ebMH3
dosing weighers
friction/flap volumetric filler
auger filler
multihead weighers
liquid filler
belt volumetric filler
belt filler
belt conveyor
screw conveyors
discharge conveyors
equipment for bags folding
distribution device for left and right side
photocell for centering of printing
filling with inert gas
device for measurement volume of residual oxygen
labelling device
compressor 20 - 36 m3/h
compressor 15 - 30 m3/h
compressor 9 m3/h
date printing using markup device MZ4 MARK 1
ionization device


Machine typeMH1bbMH1cbMH1dbMH2bbMH2ebMH3
combination of auger and volumetric filler
combination of dosing weighers and auger filler
easy shifting of fillers on one machine
packing of brittle and broken goods
packing of frozen goods

(German) Funktion

(German) Die vertikalen Schlauchbeutelmaschinen sind für die Herstellung von Beuteln und ihr Füllen von Produkten mit kleinen Produktmengen bestimmt. Das Programm der Maschine ermöglicht eine komfortable Steuerung und Einstellung, einschl. Speicherung von 200 verschiedenen Maschineneinstellungen in Vorwahlen und die Arbeit in zwei Regimes zum Erreichen der maximalen Leistung. Der Beutel wird in der Maschine aus wärmeschweißbarer Folie geformt. Diese Folie wird von einer Folienrolle abgespult und über verschiedene Leitrollen einem Tubus mit Schulter (Formatrohr) zugeführt. Hier wird aus der Folienbahn ein Schlauch geformt. In diesen Schlauch fällt während des Querschweißens das Produkt aus dem Dosierer. Der Folienabzug um eine Länge des Beutels sichern Abzugsriemchen. Nach dem Folienabzug schließen die Querbacken den Beutel und der Beutel wird abgeschnitten. Dieser Zyklus wiederholt sich je Arbeitstakt. Die Verpackungsmaschinen sind für sämtliche schüttfähige, schwer schüttfähige und kleinstückige Produkte sowie für Flüssigkeiten geeignet.


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