Tubes and forming collars

Very accurate film guaranteed precision guidance technology of forming collars

  • Unique collar shape secures large-contact packaging material
  • The material does not damage the packaging film
  • Forming collar is made from stainless steel 17240 (AISI 304) for long life compared to collar for example from composite material
  • Various shapes of collars (for round and rectangular tubes, various sizes for different types of bags, etc.)
  • Our company manufactures and supplies tubes and forming collars for our own Vertical hose packaging machines and packaging machines for other manufacturers

Description of function

The bag is made from a hose, which arises from the ribbon by passing through the forming collar follows the film gets its shape and form of the hose. Foil hoses is further driven by a tube to the welding jaws that makes the final form of the bag. The tube is a tube made ​​of stainless steel vertically stored in a holder attached to the top plate machine. Its function is twofold. It serves both to supply goods into the bag and then as support for the longitudinal jaw, belts and custom upholstery hose.


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