Semi-automatic dosing machines for granulates, loose and small pieces products

Semi-automatic dosing machines is designed for packaging granulates, loose and small pieces products into bags, boxes or other containers.

Technical parameters

Machine typePES6PES10AV2/1rKL1rMD2r
Output* (doses/min.)to 10to 10to 30to 30to 30
Weighing range5 - 50 kg5 - 30 kg6 - 7000 g
Dose volume of one cup (ml) 85 - 18408 - 950
Volume of weigh hopper (l)7,0
Dose accuracyaccording to standard "e"according to standard "e"according to standard "e"according to standard "e"according to standard "e"
Hopper volume (l)50090303030
Power supply3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz230 V - 50 Hz3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz
Air consumption at 0,6 MPa (l / dose)0,10,350,1
Noise (dB)7578756060
Machine weight (kg)300450250100100
Dimensions L x H x W (mm)2750x3260x18542410x2130x32201885x860x19602030x1500x10251450x1590x890
* Output depends on dose size, kind of goods, required accuracy and skill of the operator.

Types of packaging

Machine typePES6PES10AV2/1rKL1rMD2r

Machine description

Machine typePES6PES10AV2/1rKL1rMD2r
areas which are in contact with the goods are made of stainless steel
all parts of the machine are protected health harmless surface treatment
tensometric weighing unit
one vibrating chute
two vibrating chutes in one flow
closing of end of vibratory chute
conveyor with hopper
foot pedal or two-handed starting


Machine typePES6PES10AV2/1rKL1rMD2r
roll conveyor
discharge conveyor OD5
bag closing unit holder
bag closing unit
automatic bag closing
feeding conveyor VD1
feeding scew conveyor VD5


Machine typePES6PES10AV2/1rKL1rMD2r
automatic checking of product level in hopper
easy and quick exchange of measuring cup
possibility of emptying of one or more doses at once
easy to use
easy cleaning
display of the actual weight in grams
automatic control of goods level in vibrating chute
automatic state diagnostics
automatic tare
seeting of all functions from control panel
seeting of all functions from portable control panel
30 memories for various kinds of goods (name 8 symbols)
world´s languages foroperating English, German, Russian and Czech
two weighing modes
counting of average dose from previous 20 doses
possibility connection to PC


Machine typeTyp strojePES6PES10AV2/1rKL1rMD2r
possibility to connect conveyor for discharging of full sacks
automatic attachment of package
for breakable and brash goods (durable pastry etc.)
for frozen goods contra freeze (vegetable, chips)
separation of abrasion packaged goods


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