Horizontal Flow-Pack Machines MH5

  • Horizontal hose flow-pack machine MH5 series are used for packaging of piece goods into bags.
  • Packaging is in continuous mode.
  • Goods are separately or on pad inserted into the feeding conveyor.
  • On bag is possible to print additional information.
  • Machine operation carried out by one or two workers for manual insertion of the goods.

Technical parameters

machine typeMH5MH5 GASMH5bb
output* (pcs/min.)up to 210up to 90up to 120
product width (mm)10 - 14010 - 14050 - 240
product length (mm)26 - 45025 - 400150 - 2000
product height at double jaw (mm)1 - 501 - 60
product height at single jaw (mm)up to 100up to 100up to 150
product perimeter (with brake adjustment) (mm)up to 390up to 390up to 500
power supply3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz
power (kW)2,83,04,0
air pressure (MPa)0,60,60,6
air consumption (l/bag)0,10,10,1
machine weight (kg)360400560
machine dimensions H x W x L (mm)1700 x 900 x 36501700 x 1250 x 36041800 x 1300 x 4000
guaranteed residual oxygen content O2** (%)up to 0,9
gas consumption in the output of 50 pcs / min (l / hr.)approx. 500
* Output is dependent on the products size and on the type of packaging materials.
** Depending on the type of packaged products.


machine typeMH5MH5 GASMH5bb
heat sealable film
pressure stick film
roll diameter (mm)up to 400up to 400up to 300
diameter of cavity (mm)50 - 7550 - 7550 - 75
roll width (mm)up to 340up to 340up to 55
with adjustment of roll brake (mm)up to 450up to 450

Machine description

machine typeMH5MH5 GASMH5bb
control system B&R
electromechanical drive of transverse jaw
electromechanical drive of longitudinal jaw
mechanical drive of longitudinal jaw
pressure by compressed air
inserting feed conveyor
discharge conveyor
jaws for heat sealing
equipment for filling of bags by inert gas
table for analyser, event. converter of inert gas
signal watch light


machine typeMH5MH5 GASMH5bb
contact-free and maintenance-free power transfer to rotary jaws
central machine control including inserting units
saving of all set values into pre-selections
register of defects, delays and stops
possibility to print data on printer
connection to central control station
possibility to choose from operating languages
notification on service interval
low power and air consumption
program service inspection and the machine settings through phone line (modem)
2 decentralized drives


machine typeMH5MH5 GASMH5bb
feeding conveyor lengthened according to requirements
feed conveyor chain with tenons and their distance according to products
photocell for print centring
jaws for pressure sealing
jaws for cutting of Eurolock
continuous marking device
thermal transfer printer
inkjet printer
loader according to goods class
adjustment for gas flush
residual oxygen content analyzer with discarding
counting and organization of bags
bag cutting off – smooth, zig-zag, preforation (every second bag)


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