Manually sliced ​​cabbage dosing unit DZ1r

Semi-automatic doser for cabbage DZ1 is intended for dosing of sliced cabbage and other similar products. This doser is designed as a dosing device for already prepared open bags. Doser has its own control that enables easy and very accurate setting of dosing parameters.

Operation cycle begins by clutching of pedal. Bag or packing is manually held under discharge hopper and the attendance presses the pedal. Dosing is made be means of measuring cups. Simultaneously with portion of cabbage goes into discharge hopper required quantity of liquid that is filled by liquid doser TD1. When the filling process ends it is possible to manually remove the bag and seal it. According to dosing product we can supply also other types of hopper. Re-filling of hopper is possible to do either manually or by means of suitable conveyor VD.

Technical parameters

Dosing unit typeDZ1r
Outputup to 30 doses/min.
dose volume of one cup700 ml - 1200 ml
Power supply3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz
Power1,3 kW
Noisedo 60 dB
Weight200 kg
Liquid volume (according to the liquid filler)100 - 300 ml
Hopper volume130 l

Machine description

Dosing unit typeDZ1
sensor providing a constant level of goods in the hopper
areas which are in contact with the goods are made of stainless steel
supporting frame, set of measuring cups, hopper, dump, electromechanical drives
possibility of emptying of one or more doses at once


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