Closing machine UZ1

  • Closing devices UZ1 is intended for mounting into the line for closing of solid plastic or paper doses by putting of lids.
  • Setting of different sizes for different caps is mechanical.
  • Operation management is provided by small control system.
  • It is supplied especially to machines of NP type or similar.
  • Lids are placed in a magazine that can be removed when empty and insert a new filled magazine.

Technical parameters

Machine typeUZ1afUZ1bf
Output* (ks/min.)3020
Dose dimensions (mm)diameter 110 and 140, height 131 and 128diameter 110 and 185
Power supply230 V/50 Hz230 V/50 Hz
Power (W)5050
Air pressur (MPa)0,4 - 0,80,4 - 0,8
Air consumption at 0,6 MPa (liters per cycle)1015
Weight (kg)120130
Dimension H x Š x L (mm)2250x1000x9002100x1180x1250
* The capacity is dependent on the size of jars.


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