Automatic dosing machines NP

Automatic dosing machines are used for packing goods into rigid containers, such as glass, plastic bottles, small and large buckets, etc.


machine typeNP1NP2NP3NP4NP5NP6
output* (doses/min.)up to 35up to 40up to 70up to 25up to 40up to 40
dose volume (ml)up to 2100up to 5000up to 30000up to 20000
power supply 3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz
power (W)90065016001000-1000
noise (dB)do 75do 75do 75do 75do 75do 75
air pressure (MPa)0,4 - 0,60,4 - 0,60,4 - 0,60,4 - 0,60,4 - 0,60,4 - 0,6
air consumption at 0,6 MPa (l / dose)0,22128-6
machine weight (kg)3002103706000300
machine dimensions (mm)1650 x 1150 x ........ x .... x 5500.... x 1100 x 3240---

Types & sizes of containers

machine typeNP1NP2NP3NP4NP5NP6
cylindrical glass container
cylindrical plastic container
wound cardboard packaging
small buckets
conical trays
other similar containers
height (mm)60 - 200100 - 25080 - 155do 330150 - 40060 - 200
diameter (mm)40 - 10060 - 22530 - 100do 160do 40040 - 100

Packaged products

machine typeNP1NP2NP3NP4NP5NP6
powdery products
difficult powdery products
small piece goods
pasty products

Machine description

machine typeNP1NP2NP3NP4NP5NP6
immediate display of output
automatic diagnostics
possibility to save individual settings into memory
pneumatics Rexroth
pneumatics Festo
control system B&R
control system Astro
control system Omron
areas which are in contact with the goods are made of stainless steel
all parts of the machine are protected health harmless surface treatment


machine typeNP1NP2NP3NP4NP5NP6
inserting device
closing device
marking device
dosing weigher
auger filler
flap volumetric fillerKL1
friction volumetric fillerMD2
conveyor series VD1 and VD5
rotary table OS


machine typeNP1NP2NP3NP4NP5NP6
other dimension of the package


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